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  • Affichage Numérique | Pompe Media | Québec

    WHY POMPE MEDIA? Make a difference by offering your customers an improved shopping experience! Pompe Media is the first company in Canada to specialize in digital performance marketing for gas stations/convenience stores. Our goal is to help them build the stations/convenience stores of tomorrow! ​ Indeed, gas stations/convenience stores are reinventing themselves and our mission is to accompany them through various technological products, a personalized service while offering them the possibility of generating new revenues through advertising sold by our exclusive partner Neo ( ​ We also offer complete solutions to any type of retailer who wants to increase their sales and improve their customers' shopping experience. ​ Because with Pompe Media, the future is our present! ATTRACT AND RETAIN MORE CUSTOMERS IMPROVE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DISPLAY YOUR PRODUCTS AND PROMOTIONS OPTIMIZE YOUR ECOLOGICAL IMPACT À propos Qui Sommes-nous RETAILERS You own a gas station and want to increase your sales? You are in the right place ! Détaillants GAS STATIONS We offer you the opportunity to enhance the customer experience while increasing your revenues. Our digital consoles have been designed to create a unique atmosphere and to give a "wow" effect to any gas station. Diverse content for maximum impact! Research shows that when captive customers are exposed to point-of-sale advertising, it triggers their interest in purchasing the products in question. With this medium, we are able to influence more customers to enter your stores when they visit your gas stations. Contact us Stations services CONVENIENCE& GROCERY STORES Strategically placed inside the convenience or grocery store, our interior screens and window screens ensure great visibility and all the flexibility of digital. Our entertaining content (weather, news, sports, etc.) and its broadcasting in optimal formats will attract your customer's attention and encourage them to keep their eyes on the screens for the greatest benefit of the visibility of your broadcast ads. Contact Us Dépanneurs ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATIONS Equipped with a 55-inch vertical screen, our new electric vehicle charging stations are the most effective way to "marry" environment, technology and digital visibility and to give a "wow" effect to your business. Available in level 2 and 3, you can stand out with a unique product in Canada and show your customers your commitment to a greener world! ​ And with our screen monetization program, you will receive advertising royalties that could cover the entire cost of acquiring the kiosks! Contact us Stations électriques OUR COMMITMENT We can help you make the difference! We are proud to be a company that enables our clients to significantly increase their revenues, improve their customers' shopping experience while allowing them to actively participate in the country's energy transition. ​ Our digital and video networks with sound as well as our software solutions and content creation services allow us to be a true "one stop shop" partner for all of our clients regardless of their size! The right message at the right time to the right person in the right way: that sums up our commitment! Contact us Notre engagement OUR NETWORK They trust us! Thanks to our innovative products that really capture the consumer's attention, our network is rapidly expanding throughout Quebec, Ontario and other provinces under multiple banners! ​ We prioritize large urban centers as well as smaller regional towns because supporting the local economy is part of our "DNA". Notre réseau OUR NETWORK +1500 SCREENS INSTALLED +200 STATIONS +300 CONVENIENCE-STORES + 350k VISITORS / DAY 98 % of consumers notice Pompe Média products 94 % of our partners believe that the impact on their sales is positive thanks to Pompe Média 86 % of our partners believe that the shopping experience for their customers is improved thanks to Pompe Média 94 % of our partners believe that the non-advertising content broadcast by Pompe Média is of high quality, complete and sufficiently distributed 94 % of our partners would recommend Pompe Média to any owner of a gas station and / or convenience store TESTIMONIALS We would like to thank all our dear customers for their trust! See the testimonials Owner of 4 convenience stores / gas stations (Mandeville, St Damien and St-Roch de l'Achigan) Mario Gagne I started doing business with Pompe Média 2 years ago with 1 convenience store. Today I have 4 convenience stores with their screens, which gives great visibility to the products that we want to highlight, such as regional products from Quebec. It is a very effective sales tool. Témoignages Réalisations Notre équipe Ismael Alaoui CEO, Co-founder 514 862-0886 Ronald Tapiéro President of the Board 514 788-6111 ext. 223 Luc Quetel Executive Vice-president and Partner 514 788-6111 Jordana Fatsis Executive Vice-President of Sales 416 526-3502 Martin Dubois Director of Customer Experience, Founder 438 403-3234 Sylvain Beland VP Production & operations, Co-founder 438 403-3233 Ziad Balti Vice-president, Finance 514 788-6111 ext. 233 Trent martin Director Artistic 514 788-6111 ext. 269 Olivier Cote Accounts Manager, Quebec 514 788-6111 ext. 234 Sebastien Meslage Manager, Partnerships & Operations 514 788-6111 ext. 276 Felix Lamothe Accounts Manager, Quebec 514 245-5292 Ophelie Nieddu Business Development Coordinator ​ 514 788-6111 Karen Reynold Accounts Manager, Ontario ​ 647 821-4392 Jennifer Zito Account Manager, Ontario 647 500-8376 Robert smith Development & Partnership Director 289 688-3799 Nathalie Tardif Accounts Manager, Quebec ​ 514 703-3045 Samir Patel Dvpt & Partnership Director Ontario 416 729-7290 Valentin Dufois Web developer 514 788-6111 Daphnée Amédée Senior Account Executive, Quebec 514 706-7746 Marie-France Paquette Senior Account Executive, Quebec mfpaquette @neo-oo 514 519-3392 Pierre Dulude Director, Production & Installation ​ 514 788-6111 ext. 225 Andréa Laxenaire Business D evelopment C oordinator ​ 514 788-6111 Amine Sekkat Graphic designer 514 788-6111 Nilay Incegul Sales Coordinator nincegul 514 788-6111 #234 Attilio Della Neve Manager, Digital Network & IT ​ 514 788-6111 ext. 230 Antoine Decoux Ad Campaigns and Operations Manager 514 788-6111 ext. 234 Contact


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